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What is credit information?

Credit information is used to assess a person's financial standing, ability to make payments and reliability. Generally, credit information is seen as data in credit information registers maintained by credit information companies and sold to those who ask for them. The purpose of credit information registers is to help creditors to avoid credit losses.

How do I know if I have payment default entries in the register?

The easiest way to get your own credit information is to use Suomen Luottotietohaku's online service. It is easy to use, reliable and inexpensive. The service provides you with a credit information report showing all payment defaults, amounts, creditors and the dates the defaults were entered and when they will be removed.

Download example report here.

What is a payment default entry?

A payment default is registered when you fail to pay a bill or debt. The creditor is entitled to notify the credit information register of your payment default so that it is available to whoever searches your credit information. A mere late payment does not generate a payment default entry. The most common causes for payment defaults are consumer credits, judgments of default in payment demand matters and long-term distraint.

Which party maintain the credit information register?

In Finland, there are two bodies, which maintain a credit information register. The registers of these two actors are practically identical. Suomen Luottotietohaku provides credit information through Bisnode Finland.

When will the payment default entries be removed?

The entries in the register are primarily retained for 2-3 years, and a new entry lengthens the retention period. Paying the debt shortens the retention period. Suomen Luottotietohaku's online service allows you to easily get an inexpensive credit information report, which show the current situation of the payment defaults entered in the credit information register and their removal dates.

What should I do if there is an error in my credit information?

The most common reason for error is that the creditor has failed to notify both registers of the debt payment. In this case, you should contact the creditor directly and demand correction. To expedite the matter, attach the credit information report from Luottotietohaku to your message as documentation.

Billing service

For our regular customers, we offer volume pricing and a billing service, which collects the searches made monthly on one invoice. Please contact our customer service to find out more!

Credit information register

Bisnode Finland Oy, the leading credit information company in the Nordic countries, provides the credit information. Suomen Luottotietohaku is a reliable, safe, 100-percent Finnish company specialising in brokering credit information. We always identify our customers with online banking codes and we use exclusively encrypted data communications.

Information about the company

Suomen Luottotietohaku offers a way to search individual persons' credit information reliably and inexpensively. Checking credit information is important in many cases, for example when renting an apartment. You can also check your own credit information. We provide a credit information report, which helps you to prove the number of your credit information entries in the register. If necessary, we can also send the credit information report by letter.

Find out the payment defaults of businesses at is a service that offers businesses' Trade Register excerpts, Articles of Association or persons responsible for the company.


Your own credit information 9.90 eur (previous purchase less than six months ago).

Your own credit information 12.90 eur.

Another person's credit information 19.90 eur.

Send by post 9.20 eur.

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Get a report of your credit information!

Good credit information is an important indication of reliability in managing your finances. Often it is handy to be able to show documentation of your credit information. Anyone can search for their own credit information report in Suomen Luottotietohaku's online service. You can print out the credit information report or save it on your computer, or have it sent to you by post.

Are you renting an apartment?

Competition is fierce for good apartments to rent. Lessors are ever more careful about selecting tenants. You can show your prospective lessor your reliability and ability to make payments by producing your own credit information report. You can easily search and print your credit information report at a low cost in our online service. You can also have the service send your credit information report by letter to your address or that of your lessor.

Do you need a guarantor to your loan?

Finding a guarantor may be difficult even among your family members. You can make things easier by giving the prospective guarantor a report of your credit information. You can easily search and print your credit information report at a low cost in our online service.

Will your credit information be restored soon?

The credit information report provided by Suomen Luottotietohaku Oy shows the date your payment default entries will be removed. You can get a credit information report and print it out easily in our online service. The report helps you to show when your payment default entries will be removed and good credit information will be restored. You can also have your credit information report sent by letter.

Is your tenant's credit information in order?

More than 50,000 persons have payment defaults on their rent. For this reason, it is imperative that the tenant's credit information is checked before signing a rent contract. You can check the tenant's credit information in Suomen Luottotietohaku Oy's online service easily, quickly and at a low cost.

Do not take useless risks!

Why should you take useless risks when you can see your prospective tenant's credit information in a few minutes? You need not make agreements or any long-term service fee commitments, just get the credit information report right away. As a lessor, you are entitled to check the information before signing the lease.

You can ask your tenant to provide you the report

You can print out your own credit information report in Suomen Luottotietohaku's online service. You can also ask your prospective tenant to show you his or her report. Getting a credit information report is easy and inexpensive, and the tenant can have it sent to you by letter.

The costs of credit information search are tax-deductible

Note that when you search credit information due to renting an apartment, you can deduct the costs in your rental income taxation. The credit information reports we provide always include itemised tax information.

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Our customer service is available on weekdays from 10am to 2pm.

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Read these first!

We cannot influence the content of the credit information register. In content matters, please contact the register manager: Bisnode Finland Oy, Tel. 09 7511 9100.

Suomen Online Palvelut Oy never seeks credit information from anyone. However, your name may appear as a credit information requester if you have requested clarification of these from the controller. The actual applicant is a user of this service.

Note that credit information search requires two online bank visits. The first visit is for identification and it is free of charge.

We never give credit information over the phone, and we cannot send them by email or letter if requested to do so over the phone.

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Our customer service is available on weekdays from 10am to 2pm. Please use the contact form to contact us anytime.

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Suomen Online Palvelut Oy

Suomen Online Palvelut Oy is a reliable and safe company and 100% Finnish-owned. We have provided credit information in Bisnode Finland Oy's register since 2013.

Our company is a reliable partner in all your credit information needs. Many actors have recognised our service to be of high quality and solvent. All our services are produced in Finland!

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